Our Story

Telescope Investment is a private equity fund focusing on VC/PE investment projects in Chinese market. The office is located in Beijing. 

The founding team created its unique investment system out of their profound experience in consumer industry and advanced investment philosophy. Telescope Investment mainly focus on those top enterprises with high brand value in consumer goods, chain service, education, medical&health and culture industry. The investment stage covers both early stage and maturity stage and the investment scale varies from millions of dollars to tens of millions of dollars according to the specific circumstances of the projects.

The investment team is composed of intelligent investment professionals with remarkable management ability and profound financial practical experience. As an emerging force in Chinese capital market, Telescope Investment spares no efforts to help Chinese enterprises achieve success with its advantages on intelligence, social resources and capital operation. 

Highly focused

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, chain businesses mode in retailing, education, medical, culture and service industry is facing great opportunity to boom. It’s a prominent area with high growth expectation and return but very low risks. Base on the previous experience and resources, Telescope Investment keeps exploring its unique investment philosophy by delving into the industry.

Expert in consumer market

The two honored funders, Mr. Du Sha and Mr. Du Yucun established and developed the most prominent private chain in China. They introduce the most advanced big box retailing mode from America in 1996 and after years of diligent operation, the Du’s Chain become china’s biggest private retailing chain. The business empire once covered 11 provinces with multiple business forms such as home building material store, comprehensive supermarkets and commercial complex. They got precious experience and in-depth understanding in retailing chain and Chinese market.

Excellent team

Telescope Investment attaches great importance to talents introduction and employee cultivation. All team members graduated from world famous universities. Their profound experiences endow them with keen business acumen and execution. They are experts in market research, investment decision and company management.