Our team

Talents selection and education is what we value the most. This is a team from the world’s top universities. We committed to deliver keen market insight and superior execution. Our profound professional experience in market research, investment decision-making and management creates our values and key advantage.

  • Jeff DuFounding Partner

    –  Graduated from UC Berkeley, Electrical engineering and computer science department

    –  Being an entrepreneur in retailing for years, Mr. Du accumulates rich experience in retailing operation and management

    –  Accumulates profound theoretical and practical experience in chain industry development strategy and brand operation

    –  Experienced in capital operation such as company listing, reorganization, mergers and acquisition and stock option

    –  Has overall insight into equity investment system

    –  Individual investor of Kaixinmahua, a famous public culture media company in Beijing

  • Ge Jin Partner

    –  Graduated from Tsinghua university department of automation and MBA

    –  Used to work in several domestic public companies and has in-depth understanding of Chinese capital market

    –  Operated several investment, merger and acquisition cases of many industries with a gross value of billions of RMB

    –  Accumulated years of working experience in commercial real estate and retailing chain, being familiar with various commercial activities in retailing chain

    –  Took part in due diligence investigation in enormous chain enterprises and accumulated profound experience in venture capital in related industries

  • Xiang ZhaoPartner

    –  Graduated from Tsinghua university department of electronic and MBA, an exchange student in UC Davis during the MBA program

    –  Used to work in several international high-tec companies, helping them open and develop Chinese market

    –  Has in-depth understanding of Chinese market, especially on product expansion, marketing PR and Branding. Used to make market promotion plans for many companies

    –  Took part in project research and background investigations for several VC institutions

    –  Has profound experience in project management, market analysis and investment

  • Ning HaoPartner

    – Senior media and brands expert. As chief editor and executive publisher of “ BAZAAR Men ” , Ning build the first high-end magazine brand that perfectly combines fashion and business. Ning experienced both the entry of international luxury brands and the rise of the domestic brands, at the same time accumulated profound experience in branding and marketing of fashion consumer goods. 

    – Ning builds “ BAZAAR Men (business)” in 2013. The magazine tells the stories of business pioneers both at home and abroad. Many famous Chinese business elites are invited to be their honoured guests.

  • Qian DuDeputy Director of Investment

    –  Qian previously worked as a senior consultant in one of the Big Four accounting firms and top-tier PE firm with a focus on cooperation strategy and operation, finance, and Chinese capital market. Qian had experience in due deligence and commercial investigation in equity investment. Qian also accumulated profound experience in project management, strategy analysis and investment decision making.

    –  Qian received her M.E from Robotics Institute of Nankai University. 

  • Lynn ChengInvestment Manager

    –  Had been working in several world top 50 enterprises as oversea marketing manager, Lynn is well experienced in retail, franchising, leisure&tourism, entertainment and various industries and had managed and implemented a number of brands’ positioning, launching, MKT campaign, PR activities.  

    –  Lynn Cheng graduated from Peking University majored in Law and obtained EMBA from Helsinki School of Economics.